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I sat down and watched a talkshow on tele for the first time in a while. Gosh, the whining is unbearable. No wonder they are losing viewers.

You can't be politically correct and correct.

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Thinking about running the Weechat plugin instead of running their webpage thing, but someone told me they can detect that and erase my account.

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Where is the discord setting to stop autojoining all channels? It's really annoying! I just want to idle in a single channel on a server.

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Funny how free speech comes into question exclusively in debates about the political right wing.

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Our @SOFIAtelescope looked into the closest stellar nursery to Earth, the Orion Nebula. It observed an enormous bubble that is now showing signs of birthing stars along its edges within tiny, densely compacted clouds:

Scoring a 10/10 on a test you have been fearing is better than sex.

It's funny how we went from prefixing virtual things with "e" and implying we should adjust to it, to prefixing with I and assuming it will adjust to us and now finally smart. Assuming some kind adjustment from both.

Does anyone have any tips for wearing glasses with a mask? I don't want to sound like a Karen, but it's more difficult than I thought.

Why are the RSS feeds of the Dutch public news station not running HTTPS? Imagine not running HTTPS in 2020.

Even if it is for backwards compatibility, there is still no reason not to run a or something similar, so HTTPS would at least be an option.

I'm surprised how well Vim works on an scp:// location.

I got a complaint email from my university that an internal service was being DDoS'ed from China.

Not so sure about that.

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Multi-row panorama of a section of the Decatur Indiana Cemetery facing west; 3 rows X 9 columns; Pentax K1 with Pentax 50mm f2.8 FA Macro Lens ISO 100; Made using Really Right Stuff PG-02 Pano Head; Stitched together with Photoshop CS6; Original file is around 750MB, so I'm posting a scaled down version; #MastoArt #Art #photography #Pentax #panorama

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